Yarns In the Barns

Sliabh Beagh Arts  brought their storytelling through yarns to Egertons Farm just outside Roslea Saturday 18th June 2016 in conjunction with Open Farm Weekend...Egerton Farm is a beef and sheep farm set in the beautiful countryside of County Fermanagh and run by John Egerton, Northern Ireland’s Beef Farmer of the Year.

Ergerton Kindly Hosted Yarns in the barns
Our Hosts The Egertons

The Hosts

John has had a closed herd for over ten years and is committed to producing as much as possible from grass rather than other forms of feed. You can learn all about John’s approach to farming and what it means for the food on your plate over the weekend of the 18th and 19th June 2016. Sliabh Beagh Arts were prouds to be a small part of this beautiful open event. There were self-guided tours around the farm where you’ll were able to see some of the animals and learn all about the work which happen there every day. John hostied a BBQ in aid of Alzheimer’s Society and had a very special “Worship in Wellies” event. There was live music and hymn singing in the farmyard 6pm on the Sunday.

Story told about Lilly

Our Story

Sliabh Beagh Arts 2 brought veteran Beaghers Sinead Connolly and Patrick Mc Cabe to tell the story of "Lilly" a young in love with nature in the forests of the Appellation. With supporting songs and the written word of Kevin McHughs story, Patrick told of how the evil tree merchants were robbing the forrest of the trees them selves, and how nature, the animals, the power of song and the determination of people fought back against the pillage.  The stories were told and the songs were sung both Saturday and Sunday in the barns surrounded by people keen to hear yarns from across the water

Telling the Yarns

About Sliabh Beagh

Sliabh Beagh Arts are an independent arts organisation based in the lakeland district. We are a community based group who educate, initiate and promote music, art, sculpture, dance and performance of all kinds.

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