The Suitcase Orchestra by Robert Perry

Artist: Robert Perry  Duration: 20 hours  Projected Audience:500 + 

Structure: The Sculpture will be live for the duration of 1 year.

READ THIS BEFORE Playing The Suitcase

  • Best Viewed in Chrome
  • When you click the button "Play the Suitcase" below, and a new window will pop up, You will need to click again to wake the suitcase up.
  • Then, Below the Suitcase  there is a Button to click, "Click to Play or to wait"  if nobody else is playing the suitcase, you won't have to wait.... a text box will open and you can type letters and spaces that will be translated into music by the suitcase. 
  • If the suitcase is being played by someone else the text will say how long you need to wait.

Robert Perry

has  created an interactive musical orchestra that can be controlled and conducted over the internet. The orchestra has been be built into a suitcase and consists of various bespoke electro-mechanical instruments to suit the case’s dimensions. The instruments are microprocessor controlled. The Suitcase Orchestra is connected to the internet over a wifi network and is conducted by users who log into a purposely constructed website application. Through simple instructions a user is able to interact with and conduct the Suitcase Orchestra by using their keypad observing the results via the Orchestra’s built in webcam.


Suitcase design and Interactivity Robbie Perry
Streaming: Kae Verens
Audio: Jennifer Protas / Karni Dorell - The Expanding Mall
Web: Patrick Mc Cabe

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